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  Purchases / Sales                                         Refinances
            Reversible Mortgages                                    Short Sales / Foreclosures (R.E.O. closings)
            Construction / End Mortgages                       Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Searches
For your convenience, we also provide the following services:
                                    Notary Services & Courtesy Closings
                                    On Call 24/7 via cell phone for assistance
                                    Mail-Away (National & International) Closings 

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   Susan Linton Looking to Buy Sell or Rent in Lehigh Acres? I am here for your! August 10, 2017, Susan worked with Bonnie but at different companies   Bonnie has the experience and knowledge to handle all real estate title situations. She is pleasant, on target; she meets deadlines and orchestrates each closing. She returns calls and keeps you informed of each step of the process. You will get her direct service and not be passed around the office. You can expect stress free competency and a smooth transaction on the purchase or sale of your property.

   Jennafer Snyder 8 reviews a year ago- As a real estate professional, I was absolutely astounded by Bonnie's professionalism and patience. My client had a language barrier and brought a translator. Throughout everything Bonnie was thorough and ensured my client was comfortable with the process of closing on her first home. The entire transaction was smooth and Bonnie was available to answer any questions that came up along the way. I would recommend Bonnie and her staff at Aaccurate Title hands down! Thank you Bonnie.  

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I would like to congraduate my Processor on her recent achievement of obtaining her Doctorate Degree! Congrats Dr. Despin.  Just so damned proud of you!!!